The Spiral Tree Series


    Orange tree 4 attach

For this image, I used a tree to suggest growth and the spirals giving the notion of movement. A screen print of several layers of artwork with text and spirals.

Title: Orange Spiral Tree

Spiral Tree / Black trunk

I added the text to bring in an element of communication in today’s society of texting messages.

Title: Orange Tree with Black trunk.

Aspire canvas jpeg

With this artwork I have added more layers of colour and manipulated digitally to enhance the colour.

Title : Aspire

               Effluent Canvas jpeg

I changed the artwork layers and colours when printing and omitted the text.

Title: Effluent


These images was manipulated digitally, by enhancing the colours, the values of the four colour palettes changes.

Title: CMYK


I manipulated this tree digitally with a different palette 

Title: Effervescent

Tropical Tree

The colour in this tree is almost florescent.

Title: Tropical Tree

Blue symphony 1

Screen print of Blue Spiral Swirls

Title: Blue Symphony

Forest 3

I was commissioned to create a ‘Forest of the Spiral Trees, in a bright colourful palette as in CMYK

Title: Forest 3

Spiral tree Forest copy
This is a photograph of the finished artwork.

Title: Forest 1