Dovecote Interior

The Interior of Milcombe Dovecote




I photographed the inside the Dovecote in Milcombe which is a few years ago now. I was so impressed with the structure and amazed how the light from the windows shone over the eaves casting light and shadows.

These are a series of works which shows the structure receding up, giving depth and height of the roof. The wooden struts, joist and beams demonstrate a complex structure. These give intricate patterns and shapes as the light defuses over the framework of the roof. Using screen print process to show these patterns in various colours, they become almost abstract and show a striking design.

Here below is the commission of the ‘Dovecote’ on a large canvas which is now in a new home.

The Milcombe Dovecote was originally part of the  Milcombe Hall Estate and was constructed in the early 18th Century by John Thorneycroft. It was extensively refurbished in the early 1990’s. The structure has an octagonal plan built in course ironstone and rubble with a stone slate roof. It was extensively refurbished in the early 1990’s.